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One should have more than one life not to leave out anything in the spectacle of the world,
renewing everyday the child’s glance we have inside, which can seize the beauty,
the passion, the pain and the incompleteness of our being.
Everything inside and outside of us is moving , teeming. incessantly and timelessly
Occasionally I block a moment, a short moment, trying to inspire in the viewer, curiosity and wonder,
thus freeing our own existence, from that indefiniteness that belongs to us.



Onorato draws furiously on his paper, fills the surfaces, makes the characters act and reflects upon his artwork in a total way, saturating the space with a frenzy that never loses clarity.
Elena Forini

Art curator

The apparent lightness of his subjects turns into an intense political and social denunciation of the worst and most cruel aspects of our concept of "civilization". A firm stance against the hypocrisy and violence of the present sung with the grace and quietness of an ancient aedo or with the histrionic irony of a Cistercian tightrope walker.
Matilde Battistini,

Researcher of Aesthetics and Art Critic

Onorato brings forth a crowded world, which fears emptiness, made of a thousand figurines and forms that one only can see gradually by focusing both on the whole and the details.
Luca Pietro Nicoletti

Curator and Art Critic