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Pietrasanta Distillery – Milano – Renovation and Extension

In September 2016, Cosmai and Associates Chartered Accountants asked me to redesign their headquarters as they needed to reorganize the space and buy the office next doors, which was same size as the original and had to be connected to it.

The starting point of the project was the preservation of the volume of the space characterized by double height, the maintenance and integration of the original furniture, which I designed in 2006, the use of materials with a strong visual impact, and the creation of a garden.
Within the the existing bookshelf, which is a little less than 5 metre tall and is the historical archive of the office, I designed a door, through which one can access the new space.
I purposely emphasized its structure, using veneer wood coating, coloured by Tabu, on the whole surface
The creation of a freestanding unit, of a kaleidoscopic piece of furniture and different cupboards, all strictly coloured was the fil rouge connecting the architectural spaces and making them dynamic and visually engaging. Finally Studio Cosmai opened its spaces to art displaying paintings and works bought in the years.
This is a happy example of how two worlds, work and art, can converse and live together.