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This project has the peculiarity of being both a work of architecture and design, thanks to the
collaboration with architect Sergio Sabbadini.

It is a requalification intervention (located near a non characterized architectural context), of small
dimension (totally 100 sqm), carried out with great care. The garden was designed to be both a
playground and a memorial (Giovanna’s garden). The iron bench (covered in mahogany staffs), with its
fluid and harmonious shape,marks off the entire area and contains the playground.

The three dimensional bench can change and be adapted to many situations: it starts at the beginning of
an existing wall, it continues with its curve until the picturesque entrance gate, it carries onto the round
bench in the theatre, and ends at the three door gate.

The structure of the bench is enhanced by its turquoise green colour and laser fretwork. The main gate,
in line with the climbing pyramid in the playground, is made of two doors covered in fretwork with
multi-shape silhouettes, a reference to the theme of the garden.

The fretwork effect gives great lightness to the iron objects, stressing the fluidity of the lines and their
grace. At night, the side lightning, fitted in the floor and under the bench, enhances the curvilinear
pattern and creates an effect which is both magical and metaphysical.