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The Tree of lights – Restoration and Restyling of the Work

The tree of light is a work that has been rooted in the Carugate area for the last 15 years. The work was realised by Claudio Onorato in order to meet the need of the City Council of preserving the memory of one of the most ancient trees in town (150 years), which died suddenly during the renovation of the town hall.
This is why the designer took on the challenge of transforming the ceder tree into a sculpture or rather into a work of design. The only value added is light: the symbol of continuity and life.

This installation is one of a kind, it is the forerunner of many others realised in the following years in many Italian and foreign towns with the aim of preserving collective memory and consolidate the bond between the people and the area. The Lebanon cedar, with its monumental and exotic charm, belongs to a precise historic period, which dates back to patrician villas with their magnificent gardens.
The restoration of the tree was realised with Kintsugi technique. This is a Japanese procedure that entails the use of liquid gold to repair ceramic objects by using the metal to wield together the fragments. The underlying idea is that from imperfection and injury a new aesthetically perfect shape can be created.

In our specific case we have coated in gold sheets all the metal ferrules, which were completely rusty, parts of the trunk and the branches in order to stress the philosophic, aesthetic and functional nature of the intervention.
To celebrate the 15 years of the Tree of light, the electrical system was completely rebuilt using Fosilum coloured Led Light, which, not only allows to save energy, but also cuts maintenance costs as Led light bulbs last much longer than traditional ones. This happened in a time when all towns, Milan included, were changing public lighting to Led.
During the the Milan Expo 2015 the lights will be yellow and green in order to stress the theme of food and energy for life.