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Claudio Onorato

(1967) was born in Milan where he lives and works.

An all-round artist/creator, he has worked for over thirty years in the art world, ranging from architecture to sculpture, painting and drawing.

Inspired by everyday life or news stories, Onorato creates works of art with a strong visual impact, which tell us about the most problematic aspects of the contemporary world.

An fairy tale that unwinds between short stories and games, entering the field of politics and social issues.

Inside Fabbrica Orobia 15, an industrial area in Milan built in the 1920s, Onorato created “My Gallery”, a place of art and culture, periodically open to the public.

To date, Onorato has created more than 2,000 works, half of which focus on paper cutting.

He curated – for “Arte Mondadori” – the column Masters of Contemporary Architecture (in 2006), he periodically published his drawings on the magazine Ventiquattro (attached to the “Sole 24 Ore”), on the quarterly magazine Aspenia (attached to the “Sole 24 Ore”), and on Panbianco (Magazine).

Elena Forin, 2012: “The facts of our time become part of the work of Onorato, inseparably, in a new dimension, in which the past and the future seem almost to coincide, in which the becoming is pure and without measure, in which reality merges with fantasy, history is as real as imagined, smile and reflection alternate”.

Awards and recognitions


Special Mention – International Architecture Award, Colorful Architecture, Palazzo della Triennale, Milan


First Prize – International Outdoor Sculpture Competition – Vittorio Sandoni, Bologna


First Prize – Libero Ferretti Competition IX Edition, Where Utopia lives, Museo della Permanente, Milan, Marche Polytechnic University, Anc