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  • My works live on light and air. Within a historical building they acquire greater value as they are happy to converse with the place that hosts them. When these three conditions are present the visitor is brought to a distant

  • The tree of light is a work that has been rooted in the Carugate area for the last 15 years. The work was realised by Claudio Onorato in order to meet the need of the City Council of preserving the

  • In September 2016, Cosmai and Associates Chartered Accountants asked me to redesign their headquarters as they needed to reorganize the space and buy the office next doors, which was same size as the original and had to be connected to

  • This project has the peculiarity of being both a work of architecture and design, thanks to the collaboration with architect Sergio Sabbadini. It is a requalification intervention (located near a non characterized architectural context), of small dimension (totally 100 sqm), carried out with

  • In the following you will find some images of a very complex project realised by Nike, in Fabbrica Orobia 15, Milan. Through a multiple and emotional narration, the project put together in a fluid and natural way the research of

  • In October 2016, in the charming architectural spaces of Fabbrica Orobia, I was lucky to meet Annie Leibovitz, who became my neighbour (home and atelier) for an entire week. Annie recreated an exhibition project conceived 20 years earlier with her

  • As I am always complaining of how things are going, my friend, architect Italo Lupi, most probably to keep me busy, asked me to illustrate completely the latest issue of Aspenia Quarterly, a supplement to the newspaper Il Sole 24

  • In 2009, in a moment of great unrest and despair, following the suggestion of a friend, I decided to set up “Clandestine Mint”. Mattia Munari immediately helped me with the project, he even lent his underground gallery in Milan, in

  • In association with:Thai Associates, I transformed an old warehouse where books were kept (about 500 sqm) in an open space, roof garden and hothouse. The utility rooms, placed behind the existing