June 2021

By the Studio de Amicis, a redevelopment of the territory of Oppido Lucano. An austere project, imbued with the Franciscan spirit, which involved three artists: David Tramlett, English artist, creator of very large works. By means of extensive backgrounds of

I thought of the gate for Matteo Tranchellini Studio as a business card, which can reveal to the most curious the world and the activity of those who work and live: an image post-production lab and the everyday life of

A series of threadlike coffee tables, with a fluid and enticing shape, combine two materials, which apparently are poles apart: steel and cob. And play with the decomposition and mirror-like multiplication of the case that defines them. Kaleidoscopic, semitransparent tables

The huge dimension of the painting, the soft wave of the cover, the use of thick and lively colours, make the Via Crucis in Carugate resemble the early medieval frescoes, which covered entirely walls, chapels, and naves of cathedrals (the

This is a four hand project, made with true love and great devotion, thanks to the crucial contribution of Sergio Sabbadini, a friend and colleague. A small ingenious work, realised with the help of specialised workers and great team spirit.