4th Biennial of Schio

Alain Biltereyst, Michael Bevilacqua, Marco Bongiorni, Andrea Carpita, Nyan Isabel Cornish, Michele Gabriele, Corinna Gosmaro, Mirak Jamal, Pesce Khete, Andrea Kvas, Asger Dybvad Larsen, Tiziano Martini, Claudio Onorato, Alice Ronchi, Josh Reames, Joe Reihsen, Gabriele de Santis, Santiaco Taccetti, Graham Wilson.Twenty-two artists engaged in excavating matter, building and deconstructing it, painting it, drawing it, experimenting with different uses, breaking it down, melting it, carving it, scratching it, photographing it or even destroying it. All in the spaces of Fabbrica Orobia, a journey between Nature, Architecture and Artifice.